Various Sizes of Exported Vannamei Shrimp is as follows:
In addition to size, Vannamei shrimps are also graded based on the color. Shrimps adopt the color of their natural habitat. So, shrimps of light color insandy ponds are called light shrimp or A1. Shrimps farmed in covered ponds are called dark shrimps or A5. Grade A2-A3 shrimps are preferably marketed for fresh sales, and the rest are more expensive if they are supplied frozen.


Grade A Vannamei Shrimp
Grade A Vannamei Shrimp Export under ECC Certificate

The European Union has one of the most strict controls on imported foods. Usually, only excellent quality products receive import license. On this ground, companies that have an ECC certificate can export shrimp to this union. Fortunately,many Iranian companies have made efforts to secure this license.

we see an increase in the production of A1 Vannamei shrimps every year. The main reasons for this success include the growing knowledge of aquaculture farmers, the improvement of aquaculture managementin all stages of this industry from Naples purchase to factory delivery, and the experts providing close supervision and useful consultation.

Vannamei Shrimp (whiteleg Shrimps, Pacific White Shrimp, King Prawn)
Vannamei shrimps are graded basedon the land they are farmed. The lighter the color of the Vannamei shrimp, the higher the quality or the grade is. A1 grade is the best quality of vanami shrimps and A5 is the lowest grade or quality. Wholesale vannamei shrimps with A1 grade are often sold to the European Union countries and Russia.

The only type of shrimps that are known as farmed shrimps and produced in large volumes all over the world are the vannamei shrimps. The general characteristics of vannamei Shrimps are as follows:

The scientific name of vannamei shrimps is Litopenaeusvannamei, formerly known as Penaeusvannamei
Vannamei shrimp belongs to arthropod phylum from genus Penaeidae( from the crustaceans)
Their main habitat is the eastern pacific ocean.

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